Monday, June 26, 2006

File#113 Tunnelbuseries:鏡映

Click to zoom - Issue 577 Touch Mag.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

File#112 海洋劇場 之 踢館

Click to zoom. Issue 576 Touch Magazine

Sunday, June 18, 2006

File#111 維港巨星 之 迫爆文化

Once upon a time the Government went crazy and sold the land around Central Library to developers. The entrance to Central Library became an alleyway, those studying would be able to see the old lady in the opposite building and all the Central Library could do was grin and bear it....

Until one day, under immense pressure, the library exploded.

"It's TOOOO CROWDED, I'm gonna explode"

With its final breath of "Cultural Power" the Central Library decided on a kamakazi mission to take out its oppressors, the commercial industry. Its remains landed in a nearby park.In the end the Central Library's limbs became mobile libraries, servicing HK, Kowloon, NT and Lantau. Its body sold to developers for a shopping mall and underground station.

Its head became HK's first luxury Greek-style public loo.

Click to zoom - Touch Magazine issue 575

Nice to see a different style but I still like the pandas :P

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Another parody on the song 十分愛 by Alex & Stephy but this time about once you pop you can't stop!

Click to view - acquired from 574 of Touch Magazine

十分.愛》(金培達曲、陳少琪詞、方力申/鄧麗欣唱 )


This is a hilarious parody on the pop song 十分愛 by Alex & Stephy. I'll see if I can get a yahoo link or something on here, so you know what the song goes like. Oh so funny when we put on the music video and sang along to "very veg". Yes we have a collective age of about 13 (three of us).

Click to view zoom - acquired from issue 573 of Touch Magazine

十分.愛》(金培達曲、陳少琪詞、方力申/鄧麗欣唱 )

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

File#108 Tunnelbuseries 交合叙事:壓力

LOL Panda Bus Uncle! Even if you're not hot on HK current affairs, it is hard to have missed the Bus Uncle incident of youtube 7min fame. Although I prefer the panda version.

Click to zoom. As the strip says: left page by siuhak, right page by ah tak (who does the biu tung wa chap column on the following page in the magazine).

This should be from Touch Magazine issue 572.
Sent in by another Siu Hak Fan.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

File#105 Tunnelbuseries:聾貓

Click to view zoomed - acquired via email circulation (Touch 569).

This started our hunt for siuhak, we thought he was European.

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