Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks to you :)

Just a quick note to say thanks to all the overwhelming support, I honestly never realised so many people visited this blog, which started out as a bit of fun and has become a mini-mission. I've become a preacher spreading the word of our Lord the panda (just joking) :P

Anyway, back to the norm again with some more of siuhak's column.

Best wishes

Hidden Track 038 一圓合作遺願

From East Touch 659. Hidden chat with JC

File#193 中國文化系列

From East Touch Mag issue 658. Click to zoom

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reader Concerns

Earlier today I received a comment on the blog

"Anonymous said...

比大家「欣賞」, 唔係幾好 "

Thanks for your post highlighting your concerns. Firstly, everyone should read the disclaimer, where it is clearly stated that sources are referenced, we take no credit
for the artwork. Some readers are mislead into thinking this is our work, no it's not,
this is just a fansite. Also, this blog is non profit making, there are no advertisements and also there are no external links that I know of that bring you here either. (How did you get here? :) )

To further assure you, I have (in an email conversation dated 04/08/06) put forward the same concerns to siuhak. When asked if he could permit the continuation of this blog, he replied

"of course you can"

and seemed to be pleased of his increasing fanbase. I hope he continues to approve in 2008 and onwards.

On a lighter note, I post these with the intention of spreading his works to places where the magazine doesn't go (ie outside HK). I don't get the magazine myself until 3-4 days later than HK, and even then don't post them til weeks later in some cases. I can't see the existence of this blog diminishing the sales of the Touch magazine. On the contrary I've been told by a few readers they have started to purchase it for the column. Besides, die-hard siuhaks fans will never substitute a blog for his publications, and people too screwbag to buy the magazine and read this blog instead, would have only borrowed it from a friend anyway.

I just wanted to make my personal opinions clear. You are free to disagree :) I won't mind unless you are siuhak/'s management, cos then I'd have to remove the blog from public domain.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

File#192 妙手熊貓

click to zoom, from Touch magazine issue 657

File#191 熊貓真身

click to zoom, from Touch magazine issue 656

File#190 一對孖公仔的誕生

click to zoom, from Touch magazine issue 655.