Monday, January 14, 2008

Reader Concerns

Earlier today I received a comment on the blog

"Anonymous said...

比大家「欣賞」, 唔係幾好 "

Thanks for your post highlighting your concerns. Firstly, everyone should read the disclaimer, where it is clearly stated that sources are referenced, we take no credit
for the artwork. Some readers are mislead into thinking this is our work, no it's not,
this is just a fansite. Also, this blog is non profit making, there are no advertisements and also there are no external links that I know of that bring you here either. (How did you get here? :) )

To further assure you, I have (in an email conversation dated 04/08/06) put forward the same concerns to siuhak. When asked if he could permit the continuation of this blog, he replied

"of course you can"

and seemed to be pleased of his increasing fanbase. I hope he continues to approve in 2008 and onwards.

On a lighter note, I post these with the intention of spreading his works to places where the magazine doesn't go (ie outside HK). I don't get the magazine myself until 3-4 days later than HK, and even then don't post them til weeks later in some cases. I can't see the existence of this blog diminishing the sales of the Touch magazine. On the contrary I've been told by a few readers they have started to purchase it for the column. Besides, die-hard siuhaks fans will never substitute a blog for his publications, and people too screwbag to buy the magazine and read this blog instead, would have only borrowed it from a friend anyway.

I just wanted to make my personal opinions clear. You are free to disagree :) I won't mind unless you are siuhak/'s management, cos then I'd have to remove the blog from public domain.



k said...

Hello anz,

Thanks for replying to my comment a few entries back (i asked about siuhak's illustration books or published materials).

I think as long as siuhak approves, then its all fair game, as there is not much conflict of interest here. Moreover, its a great platform to introduce more fans to his work.

For someone like me who lives outside HK most of the year, i don't get to purchase his work published in periodicals much. I do when i have the chance to, though.

Thanks for sharing these great stuff with us.


Jessica said...

anz, 支持你呀!!!

cathy said...



Anz said...

You are all strangers to me and yet I am deeply grateful for your support. Thank you k, Jessica & Cathy :)

Biggest thank you to siuhak for continuing to create works we all enjoy!

Francis said...


Simon said...

I am a fan of Siu Hak and I am studying in US . I am glad that someone can post his illustrations on the web. It is the only way I can see his works.
I do buy his comic books when I came back to HK every year but I can't wait for a year for his great works!
Thanks anz.

icky said...

Add oil! I like this site very very much, although i brought siuhak's books, many of them i had seen, but there are still some missing works, i really like to have a look, also i didn't buy the "east" magazine time by time, this is my favourite blog!

Lost said...

GREAT! that siu hak approves this blog! A great read for me in UK! And Of course I have his books

鮑魚 said...

小弟在英國工作,上次回港時開始留意小克的作品,愛得非常.個人認為他與楊學德的作品絕對是世界級的.比起我最喜愛的Tom Gauld同Simone Lia絕不遜色.他們的風格獨特又多變,畫功根底又厚,如果他們身在英國的話,就算得不到政府資助,也一定有不少畫廊絡他們辦個人展了.


Freaky said...





Chloe said...

因為本身唔睇個本magazine..所以好彩呢度有得睇返ja!!真正鐘意小克的人點都會等佢出繪本gei~~so hope版主可以繼續為各位fans服務!每次睇完小克d漫畫都會笑到keke聲!support!

connie~ said...

支持你呀, 我都係從網上先了解到小克既作品, 我覺得買唔買佢本書係其次, 最重要係得人既欣賞嘛!!
如果係忠實fans, 自然會去搵佢既書黎收藏, 呢度係一個地方俾唔同地方既人去認識小克既作品.
同埋我都冇買果本雜誌既習慣, 都係靠咁樣黎支持同了解.

fully support

阿賢 said...

I'm glad Siu Hak let you post his work here also,I'm one of those who rarely buy the magazine but started to do so after you mentioned it here some time ago,of course I buy his works too,it's much more enjoyable to read them in a book instead of all the clicking and scrolling on the net...etc.And it's a support to SH.

Thanks for posting his works here,I hope you can keep doing it too!

Riko said...

唔好閂呢度呀>< 我好鍾意黎呢度重溫小克既圖架!

Anonymous said...

there's some ppl that live overseas that they love SiuHak's comics but they cannot buy EastTouch and only have to wait for the annual SiuHak's book. I totally support posting Siu Hak's comics here. Thanks for sharing and I believe most of the Siu Haks's fans here still buy the annual book.

Anonymous said...

得閒 / 唔得閒


Anonymous said...

看這個blog己成為我生活的一部份, anz, 加油, 多謝小克.

嬲文字 said...

gosh, i posted a few of siu_hak stuff in my blog before, and i was afraid he'd be pissed off if he finds out.

but whew, what a relief now that i've read your post XD

anyway, good stuff, you have my support!!