Friday, June 29, 2007


From Touch issue 628. Click to zoom.

File#163 Form Follows Function

From Touch issue 627. Click to zoom.


A lot of missing issues because I was too busy to get the magazine! Aiya, and then only just now put up the ones I have. Sorry. Maybe I could ask my cousin, if she has a spare moment to borrow her copies at a later date.

File#159 偷竊與抄襲 2 之「我抄」

From Touch issue 623. Click to zoom.

File#158 SeriouSeries 第二章 是貓也是你和我 第五回

From Touch issue 622. Click to zoom.

File#156 Seriouseries 第二章 是貓也是你和我 第四回

From Touch issue 620. Click to zoom.