Wednesday, July 25, 2007

File#164 x 讀者Aiwah

Great idea with the mixsense. This is from a fellow fan, Aiwah, who says "apologies to siuhak if it's crap". I think it's funny. She's too modest.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

File#169 再嚟!廣東童謠

From Touch issue 633. Click to zoom.

Heehee, because of my banana upbringing, I only got a few of these. Like what's #5? But very funny

File#168 海洋劇場 之 門庭冷落

From Touch issue 632. Click to zoom.

(I wanna see the new pandas too!)

File#166 標童話集 之 我要你or妳 或者叫:史上最茅

From Touch issue 627. Click to zoom. The guys did a swap :)

File#166 標童話集 之 洗.躁

From Touch issue 630. Click to zoom.