Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big thanks to Holly :)

I owe thanks to Holly, who left a message on a previous post. She has kindly offered to keep this blog going while I am away by scanning in the Fake Forensic Science column by Siu Hak and other findings for us all to enjoy.


電話線上行寬頻 之 絕漫真相 1

Advert for broadband company in HK?

Thanks to Holly :)

File#205 維港巨星 之 結合

Click to zoom, from issue 672 Touch Magazine

Thanks Holly :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Harbour Heroes on Nissan advertisement

Not quite but the advert I saw for Nissan QashQai where the buildings look alive, they deffo reminded me of the regulars, harbour heroes. Hee hee


Thanks to em, here is a link on youtube


She even taught me how to embed the video :) Thanks!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Break

No, not the American holiday where college students get drunk & wild. Rather a break in this blog that happens to coincide with Spring (even though it's snowing!?).

I have moved away for work to where there are no chinese shops selling magazines so until I go home in July new posts will be few and far between. Sorry about that, hope most of you can get your Siu hak nourishment the conventional way. Although if any blog readers out there that don't mind sharing drop me a line comicmad@googlemail.com

It's been a good run so far. I always enjoy reading the comments left. Please don't
pretend to be Siu hak though, he reads the comments too, he'll suss you out!

Take care everyone :)

File#204 小角色,大獎項(下)

From East Touch Mag issue 669. Click to zoom

File#204 小角色,大獎項(上)

Eggs are great. I want to keep chickens.

From East Touch Mag issue 669. Click to zoom

File#203 (Getting Ready?)

From East Touch Mag issue 668. Click to zoom