Sunday, January 25, 2009

File#247 「海洋劇場」劇場之嫌疑犯G的獻身

From 東Touch issue 712 (20Jan2009)


Jo* said...

wanna say 新年快樂 to all the siuhak fans & of course to siu hak and ar tak,.
I super agree with him,.haha,...
i laughed at Page One,.so odd but happy,.

anyway,.happy new year*

holli hollie said...

Happy Niu Year, Jo and tak and hak and everybody!

Jo, have you got that piece? Maybe we can post it here too?

Kevin said...

I thought of that piece instantly these few days too! It's brilliant

'塭交嗌' is good too, they're both in 'Biu Tung' Vol.1, but I don't have a scanner access these few days

sa said...

收到朋友email, 小克又有改歌詞新作"崖上的gucci"...

Jo* said...

re: holli hollie =)

That will be very great if you can post that piece here,.haha,.

I think many readers have not yet read it and wanna read it,.

Thanks so much,.=))

P.S.: Kevin, i also read the *搵交嗌* at Page One and i am that kind of person who always wanna 避年 =p